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Well I bumped in to your best friend said you talking and thinking and leaving everything you've ever known...
Tomorrow you can deny it baby kiss me again let me pretend that it's not wrong baby
I know you're angry when you wont talk back it's hard to take you seriously when you act like that
That drives you crazy makes you hate me baby isn't that right?
But I don't get it what's wrong with you i swear you turn it on anytime you want to
I know where i'd be right now somewhere downtown thinking 'bout what could have been
You swore to me on your mama's grave a promise was a promise and it couldn't be broken
Stick your hand into my back pocket light me up like a bottle rocket i just want to free fall for a while
Tired of walking in your shadow so by this time tomorrow I'll be on a plane singing I never meant to hurt you
I made a living out of living off track I looked for wrong turns and never looked back and what i found means nothing now
I know it's getting late let the music play it's okay to stay the night
Nothing ever takes the place of love breaks through all the madness like a flood
Right now we're broken down baby neither one of us wants to be somebody else's maybe
Sometimes all the answers baby are right outside our door sometimes all we need is a little time
Well I ain't lettin you go home with the boy who don't deserve you oh yeah baby don't say no
I dropped you off just a little after midnight sat in my car till you turned off your porch light

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