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Freely compettive economy
Appointments made on the basis of political considerations
Transfer of jobs from patronage to merit system. 1883
Recognize many high level positions in civil service have important policy made responsibilitys. Act creares Senior Executive Service.1978
The policy-making network composed of a government agency, a congressional committee, and an interest group. This network is less common today because of the variety of interest gr
A bureaucratic pathology in which complex rules and procedures must be followed to get things done.
A law passed in 1989 which created an Office of Special Counsel to investigate complaints from bureaucrats claiming they were punished after reporting to Congress about waste, frau
Pay for benefits people recive operate outside regular government budget, not control ove expendditure
A form of patronage under the excepted service for a position of confidential or policy-determining' character below the level of the cabinet and sub cabinet.
Spending more than necessary to buy some product or service.
A law passed in 1974 requiring government files about individuals to be kept confidential.
A law passed in 1976 requiring agency meetings to be open to the public unless certain specified matters are being discussed.
A job in the federal bureaucracy that is filled by a person whom an agency has already identified.
A bureaucratic pathology in which some agencies seem to be working at cross-purposes to other agencies.
A large organization composed of appointed officers in which authority is divided among several managers.
Money formally set aside for a specific use; issued by the House Appropriations Committee.
A job description by an agency which is tailor-made for a specific person. These appointments occur in middle- and upper-level positions in the bureaucracy.
A law passed in 1946 requiring federal agencies to give notice, solicit comments, and (sometimes) hold public hearings before adopting any new rules.
A bureaucratic pathology in which two government agencies seem to be doing the same thing.
A bureaucratic pathology in which agencies tend to grow without regard to the benefits their programs confer or the costs they entail.

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