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Can you name the facts about Malaysia?

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Geographic Continent
Official Language
Independence Day
Malaysia Day
Capital City
How many Presidents since Independence?
How many Prime Ministers since Independence?
How many Prime Ministers have consistently sported moustaches?
How many 'Agong' since Independence?
Who is the current Prime Minister
Who is the current 'Agong'?
What is his favourite colour?
What state animal likes to fly around in the rainforests of Borneo?
The UK, Portugal and the Netherlands have previously ruled parts of Malaysia. Name one other nation.
Name one of the other countries in the Five Powers Defence Alliance.
The logo of Malaysia Airlines is based on what traditional object?
What is the colour of the RM100 banknote?
What delicious beverage can be made from the national flower of Malaysia?
What is 'Jalur Gemilang'?
What 1999 movie Sean Connery movie was set in Malaysia?

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