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Can you name the information from Dante's Inferno Cantos II & III?

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What's being described: 'Next you shall see a burning mountain souls in fire and yet content in fire, knowing that whensoever it may be they yet will mount into the blessed choir.'
'For the King of Time, who reigns on high, forbids me to come there, since living I rebelled against his law.' Who is the King of Time
Who is Dante's guide to Paradise.
Of what epic convention is the following an example:'O high genius, help me now!'
Who says this: 'I was among the dead who are now suspended when a lady summoned me.'
What place in the underworld is where the 'dead who are now suspended' abide?
What city is Virgil from?
'A gracious lady sits in Heaven grieving, for what happened to the one I send you to and her compassion breaks Heavens stern decree.' Who is the gracious lady?
In the inscription above the gates of Hell, 'Omnipotence, Wisdom, and Love' stand for what essential Catholic belief?
Which aspect is described by 'Omnipotence'?
Which aspect is described by 'Wisdom'?
Which aspect is described by 'Love'?
What is a name for the group of sinners who reside in the Vestibule, who never chose a side in life?
What is the name of the first river that Dante and Virgil cross?
What is the name of the ferryman, who, in traditional Greek mythology, actually carried souls across the Styx?

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