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Which Italian city was Dante born in?
Which city was Dante eventually exiled to, where his remains are kept to this day.
In the beginning of Canto 1 of the Inferno, Dante finds himself in dark woods, meant to represent this:
What year was Dante born?
What year is the Divine Comedy set?
When was the Divine Comedy written
How old is Dante at the beginning of the poem?
Who is the Pilgrim?
What is the first beast that Dante comes across?
What types of sins does the first beast represent?
What is the second beast that Dante encounters?
What types of sins does that beast represent?
What is the third and final beast that Dante encounters?
What types of sins does it represent?
How many cantos are in each canticle of the Divine Comedy (besides the Inferno)?
The extra canto in the Inferno serves as a what to the rest of the poem?
What is the name of the interlocking rhyme scheme that Dante created for this poem?
Why are there so many things that are multiples of three in the Divine Comedy? (hint: think major tenants of Catholicism)
What day does the poem open on?
What time in the day?
'I dragged my stronger foot and limped along'- why is the Pilgrim limping?
What spirit does Dante first encounter in the dark forest?
Under what ruler was Virgil born?
When did Virgil die?
Where were Virgil's parents born?
Who is the son of Anchises?
Which famous poet becomes Dante's guide to Hell and Purgatory?
In the first political prophecy, what animal is mentioned?
Dante's prediction of a modern political redeemer is very enigmatic. However, most scholars think he is referring to this man who,Dante's benefactor after his exile from Florence.
What is the 'second death' that Virgil speaks of?
Who does Virgil say will take Dante to Heaven?
What is the name of the first canticle of the Divine Comedy?
What is the name of the second canticle of the Divine Comedy?
What is the name of the third and final canticle of the Divine Comedy?
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