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In 1939, the Germans used this type of warfare in Poland. There is also a good song named after it, called the _____ bop1939 C.E.
Name this Mexican priest who called upon his parishoners to rise up agaisnt Spanish officials, starting the Mexican Revolution1810 C.E.
These native people of New Zealand signed a treaty with the British settlers, but had a war anyways and they ended up being placed on reservations.1860 C.E.
This man was the first ruler of the Han dynasty.c. 200 B.C.E.
This man's death in 44 C.E. led to a war between two men for control of the Roman Empire, which was ended in 67 C.E. when one of the men became the first emporor of Rome.44 C.E.
These people were the first major civilization in Mexico, and are known for their artwork, such as the 'colossal heads'c. 1500-400 B.C.E.
This term refers to the changeover from nomadic peoples and gathering food to food producing, cultivation of plants, and domesticating animals.c. 8000-5000 B.C.E.
Name this grandson of Genghis Khan who completed the conquests of the Mongols in 12791279 C.E.
This probe was launched by the USSR in 1957, making it the first artificial satellite to be put by man into the Earth's orbit.1957 C.E.
Name this third wife of King Henry VIII, the only of his six wives who recieved a queen's funeral, the only wife to have had a male heir, and the only wife not named either Anne or1508-1537 C.E.
Name these reforms that took place in the Ottoman Empire as an attempt to put an end to the nationalist movements in the Empirec. 1800-1900 C.E.
This occurred in the 11th century, splitting the Christian Church into the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church.1054 C.E.
One of the first enlightenment figures of the 17th century, this Englishman sought to understand the impact of 'the laws of nature' and questioned the conclusions of an earlier phi1632-1704 C.E.
This man was born in the early 1300's in Tangier, Morocco, and later in his life travelled to Constantinople, Mesopotamia, Persia, India, Burma, Sumatra, Spain, Mali, China, and mo1304-1369 C.E.
Name these alternating winds that make the areas around the Indian Ocean have wet and dry seasons~

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