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GroupMy BiasHint
F(x)Flexible, Chinese Member
SeventeenVisual Dream Tree
SNSDStephanie Hwang
Red VelvetMaknae
IkonSMTM3, Leader
AOASeverely MV Lead Actress, Visual
SHINeeMain Vocal, Abs
BTSHyper, One Half of '95 Line
Miss AKorean, Rapper
Day 6 Got Cheated by Sandwich Machine
Big BangMost Handsome, Eldest, Loves Art
2NE1Hello Bi+ches, American Solo
Brown Eyed GirlsParadise Lost
Super JuniorHosted Weekly Idol when BTS appeared
GroupMy BiasHint
SistarBounce Dance Practice
APinkCheer Up
After SchoolModel, One out of Three of Orange Caramel
TwiceBlonde, Japan Line
4minuteRed, One Half of Troublemaker
EXOYehet, Maknae
InfiniteHandsome but Cold Guy
B1A4MC on ASFY with Kangin and Amber
WinnerFlower Boy, Eldest
EXIDZone Out, Hair Roll
GFriendJessica Jung's Doppelganger
T-araMaknae, God of Study
Girl's DayContagious Laugh, Seonam Girl's High School
GOT7America, Little Cock
VIXXMy Ariel, Red Bean

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