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What is Sherlock holding when we first see him in this episode?
Sherlock: 'John- I need some, get me some.' Some what?
How does Sherlock try to get information from John?
Why was Bluebell 'like a fairy'?
What item allows Sherlock to make deductions about Henry's train ride?
If Sherlock wanted poetry what would he read?
Why does Sherlock change his mind about taking the case?
What village does Henry Knight live in?
What odd symbol is on the map of Dartmoor?
What is the name of the Inn that Sherlock and John stay in?
How does Fletcher settle the bet?
How much was the bet for?
How do Sherlock and John get into Baskerville?
What does the soldior at Baskerville claim is in the basement?
What is the name of the Dr who works with genes?
What connects Sherlock and this Dr?
How does John think Sherlock try's to look cool?
Which two words do Henry repeatedly see?
What is 'the only true freedom'?
What is Sherlock's 'plan'?
What catches John's eye when they go to the moor?
Who does not make it to the hollow?
What does Sherlock initially not admit to?
How does Sherlock know that the man in the restaurant was a fisherman?
What was the old lady eating?
What was the name of the terrier they owned?
What was causing the flashing light?
How does Sherlock convince John to interview Louise Mortimer?
When Henry is kept awake by his garden lights what does he grab?
Dr Mortimer: 'You're only a nutter if you're _'
John gets described as Sherlock's what by Bob Franklin?
Sherlock:'Shall I make you some coffee. Oh look you've got _!'
Where does Sherlock find John in the morning?
What did Sherlock experience that he had never before?
How many friends does Sherlock have?
Who turns up unexpectedly to check up on the lads?
How did Sherlock try to drug John?
How did he actually get drugged?
Who gets looked into a lab?
What does he do to try and get out?
Where does he wait for help?
What animal provides the gene used for Bluebell?
What question does John ask about the rabbits?
What does Sherlock borrow from Dr Stapleton?
Sherlock: 'Get out, I need to go to my _ _.'
What song does Sherlock think of?
What did Henry try to do to Louise Mortimer?
What is Major Barimore's password?
Why does Henry go to the hollow?
Why did the hound apear to have red eyes?
Who does Sherlock see under the gas mask?
What is Sherlock bad at?
What is the drug in?
Who shoots the dog?
What happens to Bob Franklin?
What is John eating the next morning?
What did Sherlock do his experiments in?
What does Sherlock say will never happen again?
What is written on the walls of Jim Moriarty's cell?

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