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What is Moriarty's ringtone?
Moriarty:'... if you don't I'll make you into_?
Who changes Moriarty's mind?
What title does John give the case about the geeks who come to Baker street?
How many different types of tobacco ash are on Sherlock's website?
What item does Mrs Hudson find in the fridge?
How does Sherlock view the crime scene of the hiker?
What is Sherlock wearing when doing it?
What is the first thing John says to Sherlock at Buckingham Palace?
How does Sherlock ensure that he looks taller in his photos?
'People do come to you for help don't they Mr Holmes?' 'Not to date anybody with a _'
How is Irene Adler professionally kown?
What does Sherlock say should be done instead of taking the case?
What equipment does Sherlock ask for?
What does Sherlock steal from Buckingham Palace?
What does Sherlock ask John to do in a street near Irene Adler's house?
What does Sherlock disguise himself as?
What does Irene wear to great him?
What body part does she say could cut her?
What is Sherlock unable to do when he meets Irene?
What does John suggest that she wear?
Brainy is the new what?
What noise interrupts Sherlock's explanation?
What is the code for her safe?
How does Sherlock 'call the police'?
How does Irene get her phone back?
What killed the hiker?
What is by Sherlock's bedroom door?
What is Irenes twitter name?
What is personalized by Irene?
What does Sherlock play on the violin first?
What does Irene use instead of a ribbon on Sherlock's present?
Molly:'Who is she? How does Sherlock recognise her from, _ _ _?'
Sherlock:'I hope you didn't mess up my _ _ this time.'
Who does John think he is meeting on New years eve?
Where do they meet?
What does the first text Irene send say?
How does she describe Sherlock and John?
Who is being held hostage at Baker street?
What does the note on the door say?
What is the name of the cleaning product Sherlock uses?
What does the CIA agent fall on?
What does Sherlock take from Mrs Hudson's fridge?
What does the only text that Sherlock sends to Irene say?
What does Sherlock think the password is after x-raying the phone?
How does Sherlock try extract the password from Irene?
What does John suggest as a baby name?
What does Moriarty send to mycroft?
Which location helps Sherlock work out the plot?
Irene: 'If this was the very last night _ _ _ _ _ _?'
The plane is full of what?
What is the flight number?
What is Mycroft's biggest security leak?
How is the hard drive of the phone protected?
Who 'sends his love'?
How does Moriarty refer to Mycroft?
How does Moriarty refer to Sherlock?
What is 'a chemical defect found in the losing side'?
What is the password?
What apology does Sherlock make to Irene?
What did Sherlock want to be when he was younger?
What one item does Sherlock request?
What was the last text sent to Sherlock?

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