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Forced Order
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Name of the region that is Nepal's 'food basket'?
What percentage of Sri Lankans are Sinhalese?
Name of Sri Lanka before 1972?
Many women in Indian mental hospitals find themselves there following a
1958 act that instituted police in Northeast, creating a 'sub-India'
Dominant Nepalese subgroup
Means 'home rule'
Year 5 million died in famine in Bangladesh
The 1940 Lahore Declaration call for 'independent states' was followed by the ____, which called for 'an independent state'
Upazillas are (1 word)
Most of what country was known as 'Mahasthan' during 13th-15th centuries?
Assassinated on May 29,1981
The Agartala conspiracy brought charges against whom?
Bangladeshi dynasty 750-1155AD, Buddhists
Removed in coup planned by Ershad

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