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Forced Order
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Inuyasha questionsAnswer
What does 'Sango' mean in english?
What emotion drives Kagome to pull the sealing arrow from Inuyasha's chest?
What breed of demon cat is Kilala? (Kirara)
What does Shippo say in the Japanese Inuyasha version when casting foxfire?
What is the name of Tenseiga's single offensive move?
What does Inu No Taisho say to his son, Sesshoumaru, at the beginning of the 3rd movie that later allows him to win a battle against Sou'unga? (
What is the name of the young half-demon girl who grants Inuyasha the Red Tetsusaiga?
What is the 'Shichinintai'?
Who kills Kikyo the first time she dies?
Who kills Kikyo the second time she dies?
Who kills Kikyo the third (and final) time she dies?
What is so special about the episode 'Truth Behind the Nightmare: Battle in the Forest of Sorrow'?
What is Sango's Hiraikotsu made from?
What is the name of Kagome's cat in modern Tokyo?
What word (in english) can Kagome use to subdue Inuyasha?
Inuyasha questionsAnswer
What is the name of the man Naraku pretends to be (in the first season) in order to manipulate Sango to kill Inuyasha?
What were Kanna's last words?
How does Inuyasha acquire Tetsusaiga's ability, Kongosoha?
What weapon does Koga acquire in The Final Act?
When is Inuyasha's most vulnerable time?
What does Kagura, one of Naraku's incarnations, want more than anything?
Who reveals in the final episode of The Final Act that Kagome and Inuyasha get married?
What ability (in Japanese) does Ryukotsusei grant the Tetsusaiga upon his defeat?
Who is the third and final 'Thunder Brother' that seeks revenge upon Shippo for defeating her brethren?
Inuyasha cries for the first time in episode 107. What emotion causes him to do so?
What did Inuyasha give Kikyo before she died that symbolizes his love for her?
Who is the evil priestess who hated Kikyo so much, she resorted to evil means to get rid of her?
Bankotsu could have defeated Inuyasha, but he failed to. What sealed his fate?
By sucking in too much ______ with his wind tunnel, Miroku could eventually kill himself. (The Final Act; what caused his scar?)
What is the one dark emotion that Naraku's Infant finds in Kagome's heart

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