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Forced Order
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place with a distinct lack of presence 1.one experiences them in states of distraction or boredom eg airport terminals. Do not walk to, walk through. 2.No physical location eg. Sec
economic and political condition of postmodernity which consists of globalization, information technologies, service industries, lessening of the nation/state.
images of ads that reference other images of ads. Rely on viewers knowledge of there things. Ex cell phone ad which references Frankenstein.
deliberate, where the intended meaning is different or opposite to the literal meaning.
explanation of life and how it is organized
: fractured, non-linear, discontinuous, multiple. The audience had to work. Ex Pulp Fiction, Inception.
Removing visitors from absorption into a realistic narrative so that they can examine how the ideological viewpoint is constructed. Viewers remain critical.
type of cultural product classified by familiar formulas and conventions Horror films use adrenaline and fear, romantic comedies use different emotions.
belief that the market should be the guide for social progress, specifically in regards to privatization and deregulation.
using the codes of the real to create a representation more real than reality. Ron Mueck and sculpture, CGI ads
critique of the master narratives of progress, scientific truth, religious certainty, manifest destiny
images or text that beat the potential for a range of multiple meanings.

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