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organization of he production process to locations around the globe to take advantage of inexpensive labour, weak regulation and ease of distribution.
people and communities scattered across places outside of their place of origin. Some places done by force (slavery) or by war/catastrophe
links, pictures, text, audio, video and data in a decentralized and non-linear structure.
subjectivity that is situated beyond local or national boundaries, one is identified with travelling and a global sensibility.
the export of an ideology or politics or way of life to other places via cultural products.
separation of people from their traditional territories, as well as a forced taking away of territory.
the shrinking of geographical and cultural difference
mixed origins as in a person's identity derived from several points of cultural origin or ethnicity
Marshal McLuhan’s term referring to way in which media connect people from across the world yet provide an intimacy that is similar to a small village.
the shift from a industrial economy dominated by manufacturing jobs to an economy dominated by service-oriented, information-intensive occupations

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