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Forced Order
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merger of media forms and services into a single point of access or corporate conglomeration. ex. phone + computer = skype.
coverage shot by participants and independents, rather than broadcasters. EX: TVTV, Four More Years, 1972
entity that creates and caters to a mass public -generates images based on style that serve as propaganda for industrial capitalism.
= a public that is subordinate to the dominant public sphere, but that nevertheless has the ability to speak up and voice difference. Ex Paper Tiger TV
Modern social formation arose in the 19th and 20th centuries following the growth of industrial capitalism and urban centres. Masses, Industrial Society.
viewers are influenced by media as if they are in a drugged state, like being injected by a needle, so that through repetitive viewing accept messages unmediatedly.
an “instument of unification” (Debord) -political technique by which a striking visual display creates awe. Academy awards.
communications technologies designed to reach large audience. Primary forms are tv, internet, press, radio etc. Digital media is growing.
True form of democracy. 'Space where citizens come together to debate and discuss the pressing issues their society in an open and free dialogue.'- Jurgen Habermas
group of scholars that applied Marxist theory to new fors of cultural production in modern capitalist societies (Adorno, Horkheimer, Marcuse)
position in capitalism in which they are separated both from the products of their labor as well as each other.

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