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What is another name for the morgenstern sword 'the light bringer'?
What were the demons in Edom called?
What demon realm does Magnus's father rule?
Which of these angel names has Jace not used to activate one of his seraph blades? - Nakir, Sanvi, Michael, Ithuriel, Sandalphon?
What is Sebastian Verlac's Aunt's name?
Which of these has not been one of Simon's band names? - Salacious Mould, Lawn Chair Conspiracy, Mojo pie, Dangerous Stain, Millénium Lint or Dichotomous Lemur?
What was Anson Pangborn's brother's name?
What weird Shadowhunter name does Jace say to Clary has fallen out of fashion ?
What was Renwick's first name?
What did the weapon that the statue of Jonathan Shadowhunter in Edom have embedded at its pinacle?
Since what age did Luke say he was in love with Jocelyn?
What colour did Emma and Julian dye the LA Institute's cat when they were little?
What is the name of the woman Robert Lightwood had an affair with?
What is the cat's name that Emma and Julian dyed when they were little?
What is Maryse's maiden name?
What is the name of the first chapter in COHF?
What was the name of the Manga novel that Clary showed Max how to read?
Who was the only person that was not deceived by Valentine's charade when he was in school?
What was the name of the youngest member of the circle?
What was the weapon that the statue of Jonathan Shadowhunter in the demon realm called?
What is the name given for a warlock who can't perform magic?
What kind of demon was the first demon Clary ever saw?
What is another name for the morgenstern sword 'the dawn-bringer'?

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