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Can you name the SYTYCD dancers by dance??

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No Air (Hip Hop) & Sweet Georgia Brown (Broadway)4
The Chairman's Waltz (Contemporary) & Man of la Mancha (Viennese Waltz)3
Lost (Contemporary) & The Garden (Jazz)4
Dhoom Taana (Bollywood) & The Nutcracker (Trepak)4
Mad (Hip Hop) & 'Tetsujin' From the Matrix Revolution (Paso Doble)5
Time (Contemporary) & Bill's Bounce (Lindy Hop)3
Heartless (Rumba) & Ruby Blue (Jazz)5
Frog Dance (African Jazz) & It Must Have Been Love (Lyrical Jazz)6
A Los Amigos (Argentine Tango) & Kiss Kiss (Jazz)4
Party People (Hip Hop) & Come and Get Me (Krump)4
At This Moment (Contemporary) & Your Guardian Angel (Viennese Waltz)6
Imagine (Pas de deux) & Alone (Lyrical Jazz)4
Hip Hip, Chin Chin (Samba) & Apologize (Contemporary)3
Time of My Life (Viennese Waltz) & Bleeding Love (Hip Hop)4
Romeo and Juliet (Classical Pas de deux) & Love Sex Magic (Hip-Hop) 5
Tore My Heart (Contemporary) & Your Ex-Lover is Dead (Contemporary)6
Knock On Wood (Disco) & Let the Drummer Kick (Contemporary)3
Dreaming With a Broken Heart (Contemporary) & Kick Back (Country Two-Step) 4
Jai Ho (Bollywood) & If It Kills Me (Contemporary)5
Make It Work (Hip Hop) & Sweet Dreams (Jazz)3
Loving is Really My Game (Disco) & Battlefield (Pop-Jazz)5
Cancan Suite (Can Can) & Choreography (Broadway)6
Koop Island Blues (Contemporary) & Kiss From A Rose (Viennese Waltz)5
Give It To Me Right (Hip Hop) & A Case of You (Contemporary)6
Gravity (Contemporary) & Jum Bah Day (Samba)5
2 Steps Away (Contemporary) & Poison (Hip Hop)6
A New Day Has Come (Viennese Waltz) & Mercy (Contemporary)4
Put Your Hands on Me (Cha Cha) & Razzle Dazzle (Broadway)6
Fuego (Hip Hop) & The Rockafeller Skank (West Coast Swing)3
Ordinary Day (Viennese Waltz) & Azeem O Shaan Shahenshah (Bollywood)6
This Woman's Work (Contemporary) & Get Me to the Church on Time (Broadway)5
Whatcha Say (Hip Hop) & Four Brothers (Quickstep)6

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