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Book wrote by Stephen King but turned into a film following a car that is possessed?
Two jailed prisoners strike up a frienship
The tale of an average man whose life is saved by an angel
She lives with seven of them
A giant shark tries to attack a bunch of people
A blonde woman entices a love struck ape to his doom
Two siblings form a bond with a cute alien
The first rule is to not talk about it
Life is like a box of chocolates
Twisted events that led up to a horrific gun battle on a boat
US soldiers try to retrieve brothers killed in action
John coffee was his name ( a black man accused of something he didnt do)
Sent 30 years into the future in a Deleroan
A space merchant vessel recieves unknown transmission to find mysterious life form
A couple's relationship turns sour so they undergo a procedure to be erased from each others memory
Toys come to life
A man tries to save his wife and several others being held hostage by German terrorists during a christmas party
A young boy communicates with the dead
whos human whos not? (Research facility in Antarctica comes across alien forces
Clownfish is taken to Sydney
A theme park suffers major breakdown with the help from the cloned dinosaurs exhibits
A teenager is trobled by having visions of a man in a rabbit suit
His day was exactly the same as yesterday
She falls for the beast

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