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What year did Stravinsky write 'Symphony of Psalms?'
What is the texture created in Corelli's 'Trio Sonata' between the violin and the violone?
What type of piece is 'Sing we at Pleasure?'
On what word does word painting occur in verse 1 of the Beatles' 'A Day in the Life'
Describe the texture of the first bar of Beethoven's septet?
What year did Beethoven write 'Septet in Eb?'
What is the cadence and key in bars 28 to 29 of the Septet?
Describe the texture of bars 46 to 49 in the Septet?
What year did The Beatles release 'A Day in the Life?'
What note is the Saltarello melody based around in 'Harold in Italy?'
What is unusual about Stravinsky's instrumentation?
What year did Haydn write 'My Mother Bids me Bind my Hair?'
What is the rhythmic device used in the Alto and Tenor lines in bars 65 to 69 of 'Symphony of Psalms?'
What interval idea does Berlioz use from his Idee Fixe in the serenade melody?
What style is Stravinsky's 'Symphony of Psalms?'
What are the 3 main melodic ideas in 'Harold in Italy?'
What harmonic device is heard in the alto line at bar 52 of 'Sing we at Pleasure?'
What technique is heard in the bassoon in 'Harold in Italy' at bars 1 to 31?
What unrelated key is modulated to in Schumann's 'Hasche-Mann?'
What year did Carl Perkins release 'Honey Don't'
What is the interval between the bass and the first soprano at bar 16 beat 3 of 'Sing we at Pleasure?'
What era is Corelli's 'Trio Sonata in D' from?
What year did Corelli write 'Trio Sonata in D?'
What scale is heard in the soprano parts in bars 36 to 43 of 'Sing we at Pleasure?'
What is the ornament at the end of Beethoven's first subject?
What year did Berlioz write 'Harold in Italy?'
What is the most prominent interval in Schumann's 'Von Fremden Landern und Menschen?'
What year did Schumann write 'Kinderscenen?'
What is the form of Schumann's 'Furchtenmachen?'
What year did Weelkes write 'Sing we at Pleasure?'

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