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Can you name the Name all the Skins that Change Chamopions' Quotes (Eng)?

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'as meaningless as one snowflake'
'quit running...I'm hungry...'
'you cheeky little fellow'
'the world of humans have ended'
'I don't need a buzzer to tell me when to start dominating'
'wow that's tons of damage!'
'hey Pearl, run a diagnostic; all systems operational'
'the gate beckons'
'cannons will sing em' to sleep'
'I'm live at the scene and it's just...cats and dogs here...'
'I like the way you die, boy'
'sing along if you know the words'
'where the battle goes, so go I'
'join me in this duet of demise'
'a future forged in light and steel'
'I have evolved beyond jokes, I am now a robot, beep boop'
'those who would harm us shall be corrected'
'_____ send them a corporate retreat'
'fuel my inferno'
'they are right to fear...'
'now watch and learn from my moves, just like I learned from Phreak's'
'beatdown city, population - you'
'I've done about six impossible things far'
'for my ancestors'
'greetings. I would like to purchase items with human currency'
'the creator requires additional organic templates'
*incomprehensible dialogue*
'the war never ends, the battlefield just changes'
'be good, and I'll let you burn down a building or two'
'suffer as I do...'
'no mercy...'
'hear me spirits, and rise to my call'
'champions, welcome to die'
'99% fur, 1% glee'
'feel the life drip away'

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