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Can you name the Guess that League of Legends Champion #3?

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I have an 1:1 AP Ratio on my Q and R but I'm a support
I am buddies with Tryndamere and Braum and famous for creating the brand 'Graggy Ice'
My W is one of the only ability that scales off Armor
I live in the bush ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I fight for Ionia but I was born in Bandle City
If I shield your ability successfully I get bonus attack speed
I have a champion spotlight for April Fools
My E is a toggle that looks like a ranged ability but doesn't trigger Hurricane
I invented the ROFLcopter
My name is an acronym
There are rumours I'm LeBlanc
I am Malzahar's pet
I used to be a human like you, then I took a spider god to the knee
I run a corporation, but my job is to throw suitcases at people
I have a legendary skin based off Gurren Lagen

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