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I require the Starchild's heart to gain full control of my power
I am currently wearing a pair of goggles designed by Heimerdinger
I was the first champion created with a revive passive in game
I am currently the only champion known to be from the Crystal Scar
I am a spirit trapped in a man's body, I was trapped for a millennium by Lissandra
I used to date Evelynn
My grandmother told me stories of Braum when I was young
People speculate that I'm Vi's sister
I lost my eye to Kha'Zix
I am the only currently known ally of Lissandra
I ride a boar named Bristle
I am one of the three sisters along with Avarosa and Serylda
My lore states that I use a scythe as a weapon, but in game I use a sickle
I was the first champion to be designed in Season 2; I also have a special taunt against Zilean
I am the magus who tricked and killed the emperor to become an ascendant as revenge for with holding the promise of freedom from being a slave

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