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Is famous for, until recently, sporting a long thick beard that has it's own facebook page and twitter, Despite being a pro bowler and two time Superbowl winner he was only draftedin the 7th round, Is one of 27 Mormon NFL players and attended BYU
His fierce, electric, leading attitude makes him a poster boy for his alma mater's mentality, he has racked up 12 pro bowls in 15 seasons with one team, In addition to being an Under Armor spokesperson he appeared on a Madden cover
Before winning multiple Superbowls in the NFL he started out as the 7th string quarterback at his college, Was a sixth round pick in the draft,Of late his change in hairstyle has sparked much media attention
Infamously did sit-ups in his driveway while being interviewed by the media, is known for his celebrations such as the wing flap, taking a fans popcorn and dumping it on his helmetand posing like Usain Bolt, Despite being selected to six pro bowls, he has been on five different teams
Is the all-time NFL leader in completion percentage, Although the one-time MVP runner-up goes by a completely different name his real name is James, Is known for, and often poked fun of for his lack of arm strength and multiple rotator cuff surgeries
Has played on a team for which he is the longest tenured play for his entire career, Is on President Obama's advisory commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, Shares a name with the sponsor of his team's stadium
In perhaps his best season he lead his team to an NFC championship, Other than his sacks he is perhaps most known for his retro mullet hairstyle, His outdoor hobbies such as biking and hunting have been well documented
Is known for his Nigerian name that means 'from now on things will be good', Is one of three Superbowl champions to be British-born, He suffered a season ending injury in the offseason following his team's Superbowl victory

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