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Can you name the powerful leader of germany?

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Forced Order
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Powerful Dictator of Germany. Nazi Leader
Dictator of Italy
Voice of hope for America and wanted to fight against Germany
Japanese Emporer
President at the time and made the decision to drop the bombs on Japan
Give in to the demand of an aggressor
Avoiding a problem even though you know what's going on. The U.S. did this during WWll
An agreement between Hitler and Stalin saying they will not attack eachother
The French's defense line. Germany found away around it.
Germany attacks Britain and Britain wins because of Hitler's mistakes
Germany's plan to invade U.K.
A governmental system led by a dictator having complete power
United States, Great Britain, and Russia
61 countires plegded not to go to war
June 6, 1944 D-Day, Allied invasion of Normandy
Hitler fights off troops when Germany invades France
First city in Japan that was bombed by the U.S.
Bombing by U.S. air force and RAF.
Battle between Russia and Germany. Russia wins
Greatest Nazi military leader
Greatest American Commander. Commander of all Allied forces
Greatest British leader
Nazi concentration camp
Leader if Russia
Leader of Great Britain
Hitler takes Rhineland from Daladier and wants the Sudetenland too. They give the land to Hitler
Land owned by France (Daladier)
German Air Force
Germany, Japan and Italy
Battle between Russia and Germany. Stalin and his troops fought against Germany to keep Stalingrad
5 brothers placed on the same ship (USS Juneau) 4 die after a torpedo hits the ship and one goes insane and also dies
Second Japanese city to be bombed by the U.S.
Mass killing and rapes done by the Japanese for 6 weeks in China
Killing of 6 million Jewish citizens by Nazis in the concentration camp
Last German Offensive
The U.S. joined WWll after Japan bombed this place
Government that controls every aspect of peoples lives.
Elimination of Jews
Hitlers Police
Hitlers elite race
Military leader of Japan
Horrific, violent acts committed on civilians or POW's
Lighting warfare
Extreme pride in ones nation

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