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The agreement to balance free and slave states coming into the union, and divide free and slave states along the 36th parallel.
The name of the slave who led a rebellion in Southampton County, VA, claiming to have seen visions of freedom for African-Americans.
The specific term given to products sold to other nations.
The specific term for a tax on all products being imported into America.
The name of the tariff imposed by the Quincy Adams and Jackson administrations, which was higher than any previous tariff.
The name of the crisis in which the South threatened to secede if Jackson and Congress did not lower the tariff.
The name of the land added to America after the Mexican-American War.
The name of the provision added to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo to make all new territories free (does not pass in Congress).
The name of the compromise to avert secession after the Mexican-American War.
Under the Compromise of 1850, slavery in New Mexico and Utah would be decided by...
Under the Compromise of 1850, California would come in as a free state while in return the North would enforce a much stronger _________________ to return runaway slaves.
The publication of this book caused more people to join the abolitionist movement in the North while angering Southerners who claimed the book wrong in its depiction of slavery.
One major criticism of Uncle Tom's Cabin from Northerners and Southerners was that the portrayal of African-Americans was based on broad generalizations called ___________.
The reason why Senator Stephen Douglas encouraged movement into Kansas and Nebraska was to help grow what new developing industry?
According to the Kansas-Nebraska Act, how slavery be determined in the new territories?
Because slavery was yet to be determined in Kansas, pro-slavery and anti-slavery forces flooded into the territory. What was the name given to the pro-slavery forces?
The name given to Kansas after pro and anti slavery forces were fighting one another.
Kansas is ultimately admitted into the union as a free or slave state?
The political party which formed in response to the Kansas-Nebraska Act.
The debates in congress over slavery also got ugly after this man was repeatedly hit with a cane by Southern Representative Preston Brooks.
This slave sued for his freedom because he and his owner crossed from Missouri into Wisconsin, where slavery was not allowed.
Did Scott win his case?
This man was responsible for raiding a federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry in order to incite a slave rebellion.
Brown was celebrated in various locations in the North for his heroic attempt at eradicating slavery. However, he was denounced in the South as a ___________, similar to Osama Bin
The election of Abraham Lincoln, who carried only the Northern states, resulted in the seven Deep South States starting a new Confederate nation. Breaking apart is also known as __

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