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Can you name the Intravenous PCP Medical Directive?

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Condition (IV + Fluid Bolus)
Condition (Fluid Bolus)
Contraindication (IV)
Contraindication (0.9% NaCl Fluid Bolus)
Route (Fluid Bolus)
Infusion for ≥2 to less than 12 (0.9% NaCl Maintenance infusion)
Infusion for ≥12 (0.9% NaCl Maintenance infusion)
True or False: Patch to BHP for authorization to administer IV NaCl to a pt ≥2 years to less than 12 years with suspected Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA)
Infusion for ≥2 to less than 12 (fluid bolus)
Infusion for ≥12 (fluid bolus)
For ≥2 to less than 12 you should reassess every:
For ≥12 you should reassess every:
Max. volume
True or False: The max volume of 0.9% NaCl is higher for patients with cardiogenic shock.
True or False: PCPs certified in PCP Assist IV are not authorized to administer IV fluid or medication therapy.

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