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After Ben and Karen finished spotting chavs what else did they start spotting ?
Were did the Brockmans go after Karen watched 'The Hills Have Eyes' ?
When Alexa heard here mum and dad arguing over the phone what letters of words did Alexa say her mum used ?
What reason did Pete give for the students at his school not sending death threats to the headmaster ?
What subject does Pete teach ?
What do Grandad and Mac call the care home ?
What did Karen say was the prize for having to best WWII project ?
What was the name of the kid who beat up Jakes bully ?
Ben has been in the hospital so many times one of the nurses suggests he should have a what ?
When Ben is stabbing the lions around Nelsons column what does he shout ?
When Ben asks the vicar what would Jesus do if he was attacked by a polar bear what does he say ?
Which state did Taylor-Jean say she got to when she ran away ?
Name of the woman Pete kissed when he was drunk at a party ?
Which film does Grandad end up watching after Ben changed the channel ?
When Karen is playing 'Britains Got Talent' what toy does she used for Simon ?

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