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Can you name the Kick Ass A-Z?

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First name of the actor who plays Kick Ass (A)
Weapon Kick Ass used to kill Frank D'Amico (B)
Big Daddy's former profession (C)
Animal Hit Girl pretends to want for her birthday (D)
What Frank D'Amico intends to do to Kick Ass and Big Daddy (E)
Way Big Daddy was killer (F)
What Hit Girl Calls Kick Ass' Tazer (G)
Name of Mindy Macready's Hero (H)
Object Frank D'Amico uses to to kill one of his workers (I)
Name of the singer of the song during the Hit Girl hallway sequence (J)
Name of Kick Ass' Girlfriend (K)
Kick Ass' last name (L)
Kick Ass and Hit Girl grew up witout one of these (M)
State where Kick Ass is set (N)
Colour of Red Mist's outfit at the end (O)
Colour of Hit-Girl's Hair (P)
What Katie Asks Kick Ass To Do Before He Gets Himself Killed (Q)
Name of the junkie who hits Katie (R)
What is Kick Ass' suit (S)
What kind of warehouse does Frank D'Amico use to disguise his coke business (T)
Country where Kick Ass is set (U)
What object does the teddy bear Red Mist grabs from the burning warehouse have inside it (V)
What objects fill Big Daddy's HQ is filled with (W)
What Kick Ass takes home to show his friends his metal plates (X)
Colour of Kick Ass'Strips on his outfit (Y)
Last name of Kick Ass' english teacher who he 'gets off to' (Z)

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