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Why was Joey avadiable for Thankgiving in the episode 'The One Where Underdog Gets Away'
Name of Mike's second groomsman
What film can't Joey believe Rachael hasn't seen
Where does Joey put 'The Shining' whenever he gets scared reading it
Who spoke the last line ever of 'Friends'
Name of Joey Tribbiarni Sr's mistress
What is Janice's Catchphrase
What kind of car does Monica get from her dad
Name of the Austrian musical Joey stared in
Name of Ross' comic book what he wrote
How did Dr Drake Ramoray enter the coma
How many times does it take Phoebe and Mike to get engaged
Name of Rachel's Italian boyfriend
Who played the actor who Joey stared beside in the WWI film
Tom Selleck played which character
Name of Monica's alcoholic boyfriend
Joey has how many sisters
Name of Monica and Chandlers daughter
How many of the 'Friends' parents are divorced
How many friends episodes are there

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