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QUIZ: Can you name the most popular girl names of 1975, using the last names of famous people as clues?

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Connelly, Grey, Jones
Grant, Smart, Adams
Graham, Mills, Locklear
Leo, Rivers, Gilbert
Bassett, Lansbury, Cartwright
Pfeiffer, Dockery, Williams
Williams, Elise, Wyatt
Rinna, Presley, Bonet
Mills, Powers, Grimaldi
Kidman, Richie, Scherzinger
Black, Romjin, Hall
Hendricks, Ricci, Rossetti
Chastain, Simpson, Lange
Blake, Plummer, Peet
Montgomery, Taylor, Blackwell
Preston, Osbourne, Clarkson
McLachlan, Brightman, Ferguson
London, Christie, Harris
Shelley, Cassatt, Pickford
Prepon, Dern, Nyro

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