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QUIZ: Can you name the Jane Jeffry mysteries by Jill Churchill?

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TitleMissing WordClue
Grime and ________consequence
A ________ to Yarnsgoodbye
A Quiche Before ________ending of a life
The Class ________animals
A Knife to ________don't forget
From ________ to Paternitynot there
________ of the Hamsnoiseless
________ and Peasseries of battles
TitleMissing WordClue
________ of Fryingscared feeling
The ________ of Menacevendor
A Groom with a ________what you see
Mulch Ado About ________nada
The House of ________ Mabelslucky number
Bell, ________, and Scandalnovel
A Midsummer _______'s Screamnot day
The ________ Floristnot on purpose

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