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QUIZ: Can you name the Body Mechanics?

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Avoid are the advantages to using body mechanics for you and your patient?reduce ______ or ______
What muscles are used in body mechanics?from top of the body to bottom
How do we safely carry items?close to ______
Describe how your body is positioned, how it looks when using good body mechanics.stand how? for what?
Where do you place a lift sheet?under the person from ______ to ______
How is the patient positioned when we turn them to the side-lying position?
What is log rolling and who do we use this technique on?what it is then who do we do it on
Who do we use transfer belt on, mechanical lifts?
Which side of the body do we help patients out of the bed on?
What are the benefit of repositioning?_______ is easier, prevent _______, improve __________

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