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I've been looking out my window just trying to find somethingHerald Moth
It's all over now you killed meOvergrown Eden
We used to feel invincible, but now we don't feel at allThe Pride
Oh look what you've done to me you took it all away, all in just one nightDaydream Anonymous
I don't know how to leave this life all i have is maybe suicideOvergrown Eden
You know that i'll aways be there for you i've known you for so longWhite Butterfly
You don't understand 'cause you're not a strong man Daydream Anonymous
I did not want to hurt you, so I hurt myself insteadThe Pride
Embedded like shingles radioactive jinglesHerald Moth
You don't see me laughing ,you don't, but i'll still be here watingWhite Butterfly
This is the way forward, you are the way backwardsOvergrown Eden
(Song Title) Versus pure temptation their mouths will foamHerald Moth
I wanna roll through these clouds, with a birds eye view of earthThe Pride

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