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Forced Order
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you need to wake up and face it so you can taste my reality
you know i'm here to stay well f*ck i'm gonna die young
get gone with it there's nothing wrong with it
blazed up smoked out outta my mind we just cruise around my town all the time
words turn in to blood and the blood keeps on pouring
how low can i keep pretending to be
i love it when the DJ throws my song on i hit the dance floor and get my sing-along-on
that's what i give you can take it from me if you don't won't live to see
deuce you coming out here's got me provoked
when a man turns to ashes forget about love
asphalt to me has never so soft
can't stop the feelin' high as a ceiling i've got the money who's f*cking Dylan?
So i pick my pills from the counter draw, pick my self estream up off the f*cking floor
now it's time to meet your maker here the tolling of the bell
Whos blood could this be is it yours or is it mine
One punch knocked out like a super hero
Drink got swagger yeah we keep it the same
i reach up to god and ask if i'm dreaming
I always prey i never change it's seems to me we're all to blame

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