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Can you name the Midlands Rules of Evidence?

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Forced Order
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Here's what you say...Which rule do you cite?Extra information
Objection, relevance. Offer to pay or actual payment of medical bills is not admissible to prove liability.
Objection, relevance. Subsequent remedial measures are not admissible to prove negligence.
What does rule 702 say about facts and data?
Pre-trial: We'd like to constructively sequester all witnesses...
Objection! Lack of personal knowledge.
Objection, relevance. The fact that this company had liability insurance is not admissible to prove liability.
YH, the fact that X was the routine practice of the company is admissible because it makes it more likely that the company acted the same way in this case.
YH, this is based on the witness' rationally-based perceptions.
Objection! Leading.
YH, this is relevant because we have a witness later who will testify...
Objection! Lack of foundation (for an expert) under rule...
Objection! Substantially more prejudicial than probative.

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