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Can you name the se Major League Baseball Relatives from the clues?

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Start with an easy one: His cousin hit more than 500 career home runs and so did he. Either last name works.
The only time this man was on the all star team was when his two brothers were NOT. He lead the league in Strike Out's six times.
His two sons and father, all played MLB. They all had at least one season with more than 20 HR's. He never did.
Although his brother was famous for all the home runs he hit, this player hit over 100 more home runs than his brother did in the minors
He once led the NL in Hits, 2b's, 3b's, RBI, SB, BA, OBP, SLG and TB, but NOT HRs. The brothers were each buried in the city where the other died. His brother played only one seaso
Between this player & his nephew, they played for 14 teams and 39 seasons, starting in 1969 through 2009. They both have world series rings. They are related to a famous boxer
he has two brothers, a son, a cousin and a nephew who all played MLB. He led the league in hits twice. You need to get the first and last names on this one
When this player was on the same team as his father, his batting average and slugging percentage added together didn't equal his father's slugging percentage
This man played against his brother in the world series. They both have world series rings. He was an MVP.

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