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Games in the Dark EPMaybe you could have thought about someone else, rather than yourself
Every KingdomAnd we stood, steady as the stars in the woods
The Burgh Island EPAnd in the darkness a shallow poison it has grown
I Forget Where We WereOh climb out, out enough to see,the curl of the world
Every KingdomWho am I, darling to you?
Every Kingdom (Deluxe Edition)Eyes like a morning stars, in the soft of the early evening glow
Every KingdomSee the sky as no-man's land. A darkened plume to stay.
Every KingdomFalling from high places, falling through low spaces
Every Kingdom (Deluxe Edition)Will you be there, when the day is done? Oh will you be there _______ ___ ____ ___
The Burgh Island EPThere's coke in the Midas touch
I Forget Where We WereHas the world gone mad, or is it me?
Old Pine EPThe same fool in the same game
Games in the Dark EPThe moonlight covered the moors, and I swear there was music behind every door
Every KingdomAnd the birds still sing outside these windows where we sat together
I Forget Where We WereWired again, oh look who's laughing. Me again, all fired up on you.
Every KingdomJust a grain in the morning air, dark shadow on a hill
I Forget Where We WereWhat is in your nature looms inside your blood
The Burgh Island EPAnd we lost sight of it, tied up in Summer's hold
I Forget Where We WereOh no, and that's how Summer passed. Oh your great divide of range, the green green grass.
Old Pine EPTrouble falls like rain here, and lately it's been pouring down
These Waters EPBolder now, than a brand new morning
These Waters EPIt's only concrete and cars, it's only silence and missing stars, it's only whiskey and disregard in the smallest hours
Every Kingdom (Deluxe Edition)And I'm lonely, out on the road
The Burgh Island EPBlack sea, I failed to be the light you found in love
Every KingdomCause I, I adore you so, when it all comes clear and the wind is settled I'll be here you know

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