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Forced Order
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How much did Harry's wand cost?
Who is the Ravenclaw House ghost?
What type of Dragon was Norbert?
In what year was Harry Potter born?
Who is Prongs?
What year was dragon breeding outlawed?
Where did Professor Binns leave his body after he died?
Who was teasing Moaning Myrtle about her glasses just before she died?
How many staircases are there at Hogwarts?
Who is the author of 'Magical Drafts and Potions'
What is Sirius Black's father's name?
What piece of Peter Pettigrew's body was recovered when he was 'killed' by Sirius?
Who is Moony?
When is Hermione Granger's birthday?
On the train to Hogwarts, whom did Scabbers bite?
How much did Arthur Weasley win in the Daily Prophet Grand Prize Galleon Draw?
What is fatal to the Basilisk?
When is Draco Malfoy's birthday?
What Gringotts vault held the sorcerer's stone?
What is Albus Dumbledore's full name?
How many fouls are there in Quidditch?
The Sorting Hat says that if you have a ready mind, you belong in which house?
What fruit did you have to tickle on the painting in order to enter into the kitchens?
How long was Lily Potter's wand?
How many players are on a Quidditch team?
Who is the Hogwarts school nurse?
Who was the first to think Harry would be a good seeker?
Where in England do Nicolas Flamel and his wife Perenelle live?
Who is the Hogwarts school librarian?
What flavor was the 'Every Flavor Bean' Dumbledore ate in the hospital with Harry in the Sorcerer's Stone?
What is Aragog's wife name?
What creature feeds on positive human emotions?
Who is the Hogwarts school caretaker?
What spell is known as the killing curse? (Unforgivable Curse)
When is Harry's birthday?
What animal is Professor Mcgonagall able to turn into?
Who was killed by the Basilisk?
What type of wood is Draco's wand?
Where was the boa constrictor going when Harry let him out at the zoo?
What was Lee Jordan's code name on potterwatch?
In which year was Voldemort born?
Which Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher that taught Harry was a follower of Voldemort?
Which Professor at Hogwarts was a dueling champion when he was young?
Which person was the first out of Voldemort's wand when Harry and Voldemort's wand connected in the Goblet of Fire?
What subject does Professor Vector teach?
How many times was Nearly Headless Nick axed in the neck?
What is Harry's signature spell?
How many goal posts are there on a Quidditch pitch?
In which year did Moaning Myrtile die?
What year did Dumbledore defeat Grindelwald?
What does the incantation 'rictumsempra' do
Who is Dragomir Gorgovitch?
What does 'Morsmordre' mean?
How long had it been since the Chamber of Secrets had last been opened?
Who is Padfoot?
Who did Ron turn into when he used the Polyjuice Potion in the Chamber of Secrets?
What is the name of the 1st Centaur Harry meets?
What spell is known as the torture curse? (Unforgivable Curse)
What is the name of Harry and Ginny's oldest child?
What school does Dudley go to?
What is the name of Aunt Marge's dog?
Who invented the Golden Snitch?
What spell can make a person do whatever the person wants? (Unforgivable Curse)
What is the name of Filch's cat?
Who is Wormtail?
How many years was Dilys Derwent the Headmistress of Hogwarts?
What is Nearly Headless Nick's full name
How old was Harry when he met Hagrid for the first time?
What is the record time in which Roderick Plumpton caught the snitch?

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