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Can you name the MLB All Time Top 50 Players?

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RankPlayerPostion/Team/Years Played
1(RF) NYY 1914-1935
2(LF) BOS 1939-1960
3(CF) DET 1905-1928
4(CF) SFG 1951-1973
5(LF) SFG 1986-2007
6(P) BOS 1984-2007
7(P) WSH 1907-1927
8(1B) NYY 1923-1939
9(P) PHA 1925-1941
10(OF) STL 1941-1963
11(CF) NYY 1936-1951
12(P) NYG 1900-1916
13(2B,3B,SS) STL 1915-1937
14(P) CLV 1890-1911
15(1B,3B,C) PHA 1925-1945
16(CF,1B) NYY 1951-1968
17(CF) CLE 1907-1928
18(P) SEA 1988-2009
19(SS,RF,1B) PIT 1897-1917
20(P) ATL 1986-2008
21(RF,1B) MLN 1954-1976
22(P) PHI 1911-1930
23(1B) STL 2001-Present
24(3B) NYY 1994-Present
25(RF,3B) NYG 1926-1947
RankPlayerPostion/Team/Years Played
26(1B,LF) DET 1930-1947
27(P) MLN 1942-1965
28(P) NYM 1967-1986
29(OF,1B) CIN 1956-1976
30(P) CLE 1936-1956
31(OF) CHW 1908-1920
32(P) BOS 1992-2009
33(P) CHW 1904-1917
34(P) CHC 1903-1916
35(OF) BOS 1993-2011
36(2B,1B) CLE 1896-1916
37(3B) PHI 1972-1989
38(P) BAL 1965-1984
39(RF) MON 1996-2011
40(CF) SEA 1989-2010
41(2B) CHW 1906-1930
42(C,OF) NYY 1946-1965
43(C) CIN 1967-1983
44(P) LAD 1955-1966
45(P) NYG 1928-1943
46(P) PHA 1901-1917
47(P) PHI 1965-1988
48(P) STL 1959-1975
49(DH,1B) CHW 1990-2008
50(P) NYY 1995-Present

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