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loves god and brad and cheerleading
will fight you, head is shinier then griffondor's sword
needs to eat more, is engaged NOT pregnant, probably is having wild monkey sex with brad right now
nose has superpowers. ex: can talk like an **** for HOURS
husband is an older lumberjack, but her freakish smile still makes him woody.
short. sucks at teaching drivers ed. and growing
lacrosse coach. michaela hates him almost as much as non ukrainians.
the only thing he loves is history. aka he has no soul.
tall person with curley hair like a brillo pad
hot delbarton hunk who might be gay
hot delbarton hunk's girlfriend who michaela wishes is gay
is cho chang is disquise but dont telll anyone or harry will leave the ginger ginny, and then have wild monkey sex with the asian and make a child named jamal.
greasy assistant to the noseman.
hot piece of **** who visits zoe and michaela all night and they swing from the chandeliers having sex
candy unwrapped during newyears
ginger i want to make fire children with
zoe's business teacher. she wants to use her 'hair straitner' with him
not athletic
pohhhfiiiriiii fifteeee minaaa
abs like a chiseled greek god

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