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QUIZ: Can you name the Nme all the ib canidates of 2010?

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Forced Order
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HintPersonMost likely to do in spare time
psychoDress cats up like Fairies
Best DressedShop
Mermaid hairDylan
lit elmo on fire sass everyone
funnyWatch spongebob
skewed schemataget ears pierced at seaside
violinplay violin
wears same sweatshirt everyday rpi???
shorterhang with Jerman
attracts policeplay golf
fell off the roof of his shedFarm the **** out of everything
i dont shut up either apparentlybe european
i love sports la la lawatching sports
older sister apparently loved by mr kling, spanish reference in last quizsomething with hello kitty
best host everskipping class
the longer haired onewhatever karls doing
likes to dress up like lady gagaducking under doors
never missed a day of schoolincorretly does quotient rule
mono anyone?gets mono
was left by chris donovan when younger frquently on play dateswork on jeep
blond hairgoing to georgia
plays violingettysburg
i love ice creamhug people
i love my sisterswim
name of a land before time characterplan her future
HintPersonMost likely to do in spare time
co creater of this sporcle, black hairtaking doors off her jeep
curly hairgoing to American
go englandhave tea
darksoouthern school
curly hairplay softball
i love poetrywrite poetry
possible valadictorianplays clarinet
possible valadictoriangetting smashed
small in body, large in mind, late in homeworkmake programs
Trendy glassesgo to wales
was tackled into poolbe angry
laughed at alice being tackled into poolbe tall
Takes pleasure in reading like a dictatorteach chemistry
likes disneyhang with kelly
BCfantasize about matt ...styp
most likely to text in classplay tennis
R Unot eating meat
he will wreck youbecoming president
state champbe a ginger
im in miamiworking at redwoods
voice never forgottenpractice pronunciation of diverse characters
haas cup champmake sporcles
TJresearch serial killers
hit by trucktext 43 year old boyfriend

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