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hintpersonProbability of recieving ib diploma
may birthday, laxer, female, asian95%
black hair, softballer, dating another ib kid78%
tall, very tall, uncoordinated, sweet in nature90%
not sweet in nature, female, bursts of rage98%
tennis man, going to school in south, partys hard97%
tall, basketballer, excellent farmerat least 70%
master debater, fencer, mr central canidate98%
bosnian,short, wrestler98.75%
' IB Superior'98.8%
funny kid, pisses off trovato daily, and kayal and white58.3%
tall, good at english, nice in nature96%
good at poetry89%
says little, last name starts with D, female???%
cocinar in spanish??%
its official im a hokie !!!!!!58%
hintpersonProbability of recieving ib diploma
wheres my tea and crumpits. bollox???%
lived in china, future dictator75%
has a tatoo87%
wheres RPI sweatshirt everyday65%
is a twin, 77%
owns a jeep70%
Where is he?40%
golfer, announcements89%
triceratops in land before time???%
perfect gel wall, skiped ib test, runs from gonzales0%
blah blah blah 76%
Im in miami bit%h73%
very witty, lovely voice79.45%
GINGER, partys hard69% :)
born second, finished second (refer to prob of dip)76.9999%

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