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Can you name the NBA teams' locations by the hints given for the team names?

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HintTeam's LocationTeam Name
Cowboys' boots' attachments
You don't want to anger these insects
Everyone wants a million of these
Like Harry Potter
Daniel Boone is a famous example
Mispronounced culture originating in Ireland
Apollo is the god of this
The Washington team should be their possessors
Also a AAA baseball team in Columbus, Ohio
Half of a minotaur
Specific ____ capacity
Large, ferocious, brown mammals
Elton John's (this kind of) 'man'
Related to mountain lions and cougars
John McCain is one of these
HintTeam's LocationTeam Name
People living during the signing of the Declaration of Independence
Heartrate regulator, minus 'make'
The French Quarter's pride
No relation to a Southern California NHL team
Lumberjacks' shouts + Remus is an example
The Huns are prime examples of these (literally)
Lightning's roar
A team of Santa Clauses
Commonly used in hyrdraulic lifts
A famous fast food, Chicken Mc____
Minnesota has a thousand of these...ers
Little old Chevrolets
Flying snake-predators
These are cut after a college basketball championship

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