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QUIZ: Can you name the words in which the first and fifth letters are the same?

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Tribute to a good performanceA
Cousin of the cranberryB
Professional sports team in British ColumbiaC
Hairstyle common in JamaicaD
'E' in E.R.A.E
Possible name for a three-headed dogF
Farmer, or Indiana Pacers starG
To come out of an eggH
Atomic number 77I
Samma Sindhi Rajput tribe in IndiaJ
Personal water vesselK
Patriots' opponentL
Device used in internet connectionsM
Synthetic fabricN
To move jobs to a cheaper workplaceO
To dress or adorn with careP
Occuring every five yearsQ
Character from M*A*S*HR
Cutting toolS
Fortune telling cardsT
Out of the ordinaryU
Type of candle used for offering prayersV
Class of musical instrumentsW
Office machine company founded in Rochester, NYX
Bad tasting (to a child)Y
Shorts and pants brandZ

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