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What Texans quarterback was sacked 76 times in 2002, an all time record?American Football (Pretty easy...)
Who is the first NFL team to win an overtime game with a safety?American Football (May as well type in random teams...)
What MLB player has the highest career batting average?Baseball (You should know, unless you're stupid or something...)
Name one of two teams to have four 20 game winning pitchers in a single season.Baseball (Again, the random team strategy...)
Which boxer has the most successful consecutive title defenses in his career?Boxing (At least boxing fans would know...)
Who has fought the most rounds in title fights in their career?Boxing (Not even boxing fans...)
Name one city to host multiple summer olympic games.Summer Olympics (Something every sports fan should know...)
What individual won the most medals in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics?Winter Olympics (Brush up on your Norwegian...)
What driver is NASCAR's all-time leading money winner?Motor Sports (Basic stuff...)
Michael Schumacher won five consecutive drivers’ championships between 1999 and 2004 with what car brand?Motor Sports (I've got four of these in my garage...)
What female player holds the record for most career grand slam singles titles?Tennis (Tennis anyone?)
What men's player has won the most combined singles, doubles, and mixed doubles grand slam titles?Tennis (No thank you...)
Which famous English football club was originally known as 'Newton Heath' ?Soccer (Oh, come on...)
Who was the first team to win the World Cup twice in a row?Soccer (Random country strategy?)
Who was the last horse to win the triple crown, in 1978?Horse Racing (Hint: It's not Mr. Ed...)
What horse won the 2006 Kentucky Derby, but broke down in his next race, the Preakness?Horse Racing (Still not Mr. Ed...)
What golfer has the most career major titles?Golf (This is a birdie question...)
Which golf course lays claim to a stretch of holes nicknamed 'Amen Corner'?Golf (Double bogey...)
Which former Heisman Trophy winner won the Doak Walker Award two years in a row in the late 1990s?College Football (Marijuana anyone?)
What is the yellow sign Irish Football players hit before running onto the field?College Football (They certainly haven't lately...)
Since Lance Armstrong last won the Tour de France in 2005, all of the winners have been from what nation?Cycling (Have you been paying attention?)
What are the other two Grand Tours besides the Tour de France?Cycling (How's your Romance language speaking?)
Who is the youngest NBA player in history to reach 10,000 career points?Professional Basketball (Best player in the NBA...)
Name the first player ever to lead the NBA in scoring and assists in the same year.Professional Basketball (Not the best player in the NBA...)
What NHL team has the most wins in franchise history?Ice Hockey (Love 'em or hate 'em?)
Who was the first player to score over 50 goals in one NHL season?Ice Hockey (Very interesting, didn't know this one...)
Which Test match team ended the contracts of several white players in 2004 on the orders of their President?Cricket (Hint: Name random African countries...)
Which Indian bowler became the first to claim a hat trick in test cricket?Cricket (This may be my most obscure question...)
What NCAA Division 1A basketball coach has the most career wins with 902?College Basketball (Ah, ESPN...)
Duke played in the first collegiate basketball game in North Carolina under the alternate name of Trinity College on March 2, 1906. They lost that game 24-10 to which team?College Basketball (As a rampant Maryland fan, #### Duke!!!)

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