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What U.S. state lies the farthest west?1st Grade Geography
What is the past tense of 'fight'?1st Grade Grammar
Spencer's dad is six feet tall, or two of what unit?2nd Grade Measurements
More than 99% of the mass in our solar system is contained in what heavenly body?2nd Grade Astronomy
Who was the fourth U.S. President?3rd Grade U.S. History
Aurora borealis is a name for what natural phenomenon?3rd Grade Earth Science
What term refers to the relative speed of a piece of music?4th Grade Music
The federal agency that oversees much of our public lands is called the BLM. What does BLM stand for?4th Grade Social Studies
Kevin's favorite book is the 1850 novel 'David Copperfield.' Who wrote it?5th Grade Literature
In humans, the pituitary gland is attached by a stalk to what internal organ?5th Grade Anatomy

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