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Can you name the Bird Families in each order?

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Passeriformes waxwings
Bucerotiformes Wood-Hoopoes
Passeriformes Old World Sparrows
Piciformes Honeyguides
Trogoniformes trogons
Bucerotiformes Hornbills
Passeriformes Waxbills, Munias
Cariamiformes Seriemas
Passeriformes (suboscines) Broadbills, sapayoa
Passeriformes vangas
Passeriformes (suboscines) ovenbirds
Passeriformes (suboscines) tyrant flycatchers
Passeriformes swallows, martins
Piciformes New World Barbets
Passeriformes Sunbirds
Apodiformes hummingbirds
Passeriformes Blackbirds, orioles, meadowlarks
Passeriformes lyrebirds
Passeriformes Starlings
Passeriformes Tanagers
Passeriformes bowerbirds
Strigiformes Barn Owls
Leptosomiformes Cuckoo-Roller
Piciformes Woodpeckers
Passeriformes (suboscines) antbirds
Passeriformes tits, chickadees
What ORDER are parrots, cockatoos, parakeets, and macaws in?
Coraciiformes Todies
Caprimulgiformes potoos
Passeriformes wrens
Passeriformes birds-of-paradise
Coraciiformes Kingfishers
Passeriformes Mockingbirds, thrashers, catbirds
Passeriformes Wagtails, pipits
Coraciiformes Bee-eaters
Passeriformes Weavers
Passeriformes crows, jays
Bucerotiformes Hoopoes
Coraciiformes Rollers
Falconiformes Falcons, Caracaras
Apodiformes swifts
Passeriformes larks
Passeriformes shrikes
Passeriformes gnatcatchers
Passeriformes treecreepers
Piciformes Toucans
Passeriformes New World Warblers
Passeriformes (suboscines) manakins
Passeriformes Cardinals, Buntings, grosbeaks
Caprimulgiformes Nightjars, nighthawks
Passeriformes Longspurs, Snow Bunting
Passeriformes viroes, greenlets, peppershrikes
Coliiformes Mousebirds
Passeriformes Indigobirds, whydahs
Strigiformes Owls
Passeriformes (suboscines) cotingas, cock-of-the-rock, fruiteaters
Coraciiformes Motmots
Passeriformes nuthatches
Passeriformes Finches, Grosbeaks, Canaries
Passeriformes Thrushes
Passeriformes kinglets, goldcrests
Passeriformes (suboscines) pittas
Passeriformes Sparrows

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