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Can you name the Runescape NPC's?

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HintsNPC'sMore Hints
pirate in lumbridge
barrows brother holds axe
barrows brother has hammers
barrows brother has flail
barrows brother magic
owns magic shop on lunar isle
wears the runecrafting capevarrock
wears firemaking capeseer's village forest
wears smithing capemudskipper point
wears quest capedraynor village
keeps your holiday itemsdraynor village
random event cat
penguin hide n seek advisor
HintsNPC'sMore Hints
lubridge task advisor
wears lederhosenrandom event
ape attoll king
gnome kingtree gnome village
dwarf gangsterone small favour
monster in tower of life
varrock street cleaner in year 160
located in h.a.m. cellone small favour
otto's grotto
sells rune platebody in edgeville
summoning cape
watches over nardah in spirit of elidwomen

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