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Can you name the highest grossing Canadian film by year?

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Year and ClueMovie
1976: Award-winning tale of 1920s Jewish Montréal
1977: Teaching in Depression-era Saskatchewan.
1978: Coming-of-age tale in Depression-era Saskatchewan. (Hmm...)
1980: Who wouldn't love having Bill Murray as your camp counsellor?
1981: George C. Scott stays at a haunted house.
1982: Rotoscoping, epic battles and boobies.
1983: High school losers seek boobies.
1984: A buncha hosers in a beer factory.
1985: Pooch brings peace to a snow-war.
1986: Saccharine ursine fluff-balls help two orphans.
1987: Intellectuals talk about boobies.
1988: Children unleash demons from a backyard hole.
1989: A strange girl thinks she has the same linguistic capabilities of Dory.
1990: A rather unconventional Passion play.
1991: Funny-name comedians try to make it in the big city.
1992: Jesuits in the wilderness meet up with the natives.
1993: Québécois couple open snowbird motel.
1994: Michel Poulette beats Truman and Ed to the punch.
Year and ClueMovie
1995: Cyperpunk Keanu before Neo.
1996: Sex and car crashes, what fun!
1997: Pooch plays some b-ball.
1999: A Québécois Mighty Ducks?
2000: Our ice-skating heroes lose their luggage.
2001: Wesley Snipes takes some notes from Sun Tzu.
2002: Wacky Québécois couple breaks up in the Honeymoon Capital of the World. (Or do they?!)
2003: Our heroes get their butts kicked by a buncha girls.
2004: Small town learns that money can't buy you happiness.
2005: Alice and company escape Raccoon City.
2006: Glam rock-loving teen's coming out story.
2007: Every Canadian cliché gloriously meets every buddy-film cliché.
2008: Three brothers talk about boobies around their comatose mother.
2009: Epic melodrama surrounding the hard-to-spell Third Battle of Ypres.
2010: Father-and-son cops patch up their relationship.
2011: Alice and zombies in 3D.
2012: Adventures of a rather, uh, prolific sperm donor.

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