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Song lyricsSong title
I am the crisis, I am the bitter end
All of my world resting on your love
Is this what they call discontented fame?
I'm on my knees confessing my need again
Now I'm finally where I belong
In this life you're the one place I call home
Souls aren't built of stone.
Oh man, the sands of the times are omens, you've started the day in no-man's land again
God, I believe. Please help me believe.
All of your hoping and all of your searching for what?
Like Elvis and his mom, like Al Pacino's cash, nothing lasts in this life
Are you who you wanna be?
God gave His life to promotion inside my soul, it's bigger than cold religion, it's bigger than life
And I feel home away from home
I life my hands and pray to be only yours
You can't silence my love (coming soon on their new album!!!)
Give me one more time around, give me one more chance to see
Let's not be our parents
Look up at the rain, a beautiful display of power and surrender
Don't fall down in this broken world around you
Did I get shot or shoot myself?
Maybe I've been partly cloudy, maybe I'm the chance of rain
Sex is currency, she sells cars, she sells magazines
There's always something getting through
Why can't we seem to keep it together?
Song lyricsSong title
Spirit fall like rain on my thirsty soul
Finally free, finally strong, somewhere back where I belong
You're raising the dead in me
My heart is darker than these oceans
I wanna live and die for bigger things
When I found myself alone, unknown, and hurt
I've felt the fear of apathy gripping me, pushing me
I pledge allegiance to a country without borders
I don't wanna be here, I don't wanna see this now. It's all wrong, but it's alright.
She cut like Cassius Clay, she burned like a fire despite these rains
We are the voice of breaking down
We've been blowing up, we're the issue
This is a tune for the graven images of Marilyn Monroe
We've built these cities to stand so tall
I'm not giving up, not giving up now
Maybe redemption is right where you fell
Have I won monopoly to forfeit my soul?
Turn off your stereo, radio, video, I don't know...
Spinning out in circles
Heaven in the here and now
A heart that's made of gold can't really beat at all
I am a poor and needy man
Now I know I can't forget you girl
All this time, he's never been awake before
Song lyricsSong title
All my sandcastles spend their time collapsing
Flowers cut and brought inside
There's nothing to be that she's already been
What's your direction? Tell me what's wrong, tell me what's right.
She's a girl with the weight of the world on her big brown eyes
I wanna spend the rest of my life alive
Tell me tomorrow has come with open arms
Don't let go, don't let go tonight
She's been breaking up inside
Are you really as tough as you think?
You've been talking in your sleep about a dream
I fit all of these monstrosities inside
There's nothing left of me to defend
Everything I know tells me she's everything that I could hope for
What makes your rising sun so new?
It's a long, long way from yesterday to where I am today
I'm running down a life that won't cash out
It's nothing we've ever been
You bite and claw your way back home, but you're running the wrong way
Have we lost ourselves?
And I'm certain that he hears me
Only the losers win, they've got nothing to prove
Step outside the doubt and let yourself be found
I've found all that I want, all that I long for in You

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