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Forced Order
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SwimmerTeamExtra Info
Carmen Ferraro
Annie Norton
Elizabeth Weiner
Kelley Davies
Nilisha Ghosh
Delghi Urubshurow
Katie Brown
Hannah Center
Carlos Espinoza
Katie Ledecky
Paul Trigonoplos
Lisa Long
Geoff Schaeffer
Antonio Deshields
John Lee
Bailey Maloney
Kyle Strang
David Goch
Jase Ashkin
Sarah Solomon
Kassy Kugler
Kevin MukriThink Outside the Box
Mallory McMillan
Jasan Blankon
Shannon Ridge
Anne Lincoln
Colin Stanhope
Anne Overly
Lila Vera
Samuel Prager
Daniel Mengering
SwimmerTeamExtra Info
Patty Marks
Clat Britt
Pamela Minthorn
Alicia Nelson or Kevin ChodnickiWho the **** Cares
Jimmy Shea
William Kostreski
Sean StewartNot NMC
Robert Qian
Gavin Springer
Chris Gibeily
Adam Meyer
Christina Bowman or Heather Alvord
Nicholas Raithel
Yaly Levy
Doug Mackenzie
Cole Brown
Gabe Eichel or Colm Lister
Susan O'Brien
Evan Kolovich
Catherine Mulquin
Emily Kelly
Andrew Peacemaker
Caroline Dunn
Mitchell Kirsch
Jeremy Fain
Colleen Law
Lauren James
Patrick Norris
Anna Pietrantonio
Ming Wei Hsu
Zack Wepasnick
SwimmerTeamExtra Info
Thor Peterson
Ethan Soodak
Natalya Ares
Matt EmeryThink Outside the Box
Ace Tate
Alex Wu
Sarah Sharpless or Chris Pool
Cody Kenly or Eugene Alekseyev
Jared Payabyab
Justin Pratt
Morgan Ribar
Jackson Janezich
Austin Moore
Daniel and Christine McGivern
Jill Hamilton
Maya Fischer
Mark Liscinsky
Jordan Zarin or Jude Desando
Susan Kim
Erik Sasser or Cheyl Patteson
Joe Wisda
Arielle Fein
Hank Ras
Eric Judkins
Chris Verboncoeur
Leeann Chang
Ellie MiskielNot QO
Adrian Astiz
Andy Lockman or Hannah Lindsey

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